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If you are looking for some tips about various garage door issues, here is a list we have compiled for you. Check them out and see if they can assist you with any garage door situation you may have. You’ll find maintenance ideas that would keep your door working properly for a longer time.

When it is time to replace your garage doors

Due to cost requirements, it is pretty difficult to actually decide to replace an old and battered garage door. Then again, not being able to seal off your garage with the right door complete with convenience features will become costlier in the process. If your door’s panels are badly beaten and the opener is outdated, consider investing in a new unit.

Replace your springs in a set, even if only one is broken

Springs are made to last for a specific number of cycles. If one of your garage door springs has broken, it would not be long until the others give up on you as well. As our repair technicians pointed out: trying to work with weak springs is a serious safety risk.

If your door doesn't open use the manual release until you have it fixed

All automatic garage doors will come with a manual release function. This should allow you to work the door with manual force without causing any damage to the machinery. Usually the manual release is a large red or orange pulley or cord located near the doors main tracks. You can check the user manual to be sure.

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