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Most Common Automatic Garage Door Issues

Most Common Automatic Garage Door Issues
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Your garage door is one of the most important and frequently used moving parts of your home, and it works perfectly—until it doesn’t. A malfunctioning door can come as a shock, especially the first time it happens. Being prepared will make it easier to handle any instances of malfunction, and will get your setup functioning perfectly quicker.

Excessive Noise Levels

Most Common Automatic Garage Door IssuesWhile not a malfunction in itself per se, an overly noisy door can be a sign of a significant underlying issue—and it is, of course, incredibly annoying on its own. Noise can come from any moving part in the entire setup, and steps to alleviate it include basic maintenance, lubrication, and potentially replacing parts.

Basic maintenance needs to be carried out regularly in order to ensure that your door is in good condition. If these practices are neglected, the door tracks can rust, the cables can fray, and other parts can become worn prematurely. Make sure to lubricate all moving parts and tighten all nuts and bolts. Do a visual inspection of all aspects of your garage door, and take note if anything looks as though it may need to be repaired or replaced.

Broken Cables and Springs

Cables start to fray over time, and springs are only manufactured to last a certain number of opening and closing cycles. Be aware, that cable and, in particular, spring repair is very dangerous, and should only be carried out by a professional with the right tools and experience. It is recommended to have springs and cables replaced before they break, as this will help to avoid personal injury or property damage.

A breaking spring sounds like a gunshot, and will prevent the door from opening. Do not try to force the door open if you have a broken spring—instead, contact us and one of our professionals will have a look at the door.

Tracks Can Become Unaligned

Your tracks can become unaligned to a greater or lesser extent. If they are only slightly unaligned, you may notice that the door slows down or drags at a certain point while opening and closing. Such minor discrepancies can usually be mended on your own by loosening the screws which hold the track in place, tapping it with a rubber mallet to move it back to its proper position, and retightening the screws. More serious track movement, such as one that prevents the door from opening altogether, will need professional attention and potentially replacement.

While basic maintenance and visual inspection can prevent, or bring your attention to, potential malfunctions, some issues are likely to come up during your garage door ownership. Being prepared will help you deal with them, and will prevent that they become too damaging to you or your property.

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